2022 Top 5 Blu-ray Player for PC/Mac to Play Blu-ray on Computer

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Even in a world bursting with streaming content, Blu-ray discs are still going strong. If you are a crazy movie fan, you must not need to introduce with blu ray files and discs. It offers much bigger space than a DVD and you can store up to 25to 50 GB files. There is an increasing popularity for such movie files. If you want to experience 4K UHD or HD quality pictures, you must have blu ray player on your device so that you can enjoy the videos. To help these users, we made a collection about the best free Blu-ray player for PC and Mac in 2018. If you want to get the best Blu-ray player software in 2022, just check out this post.

No 1. UFUSoft Blu-ray Player (PC/Mac)

UFUSoft Blu-ray player Software is a great tool for freeing your BD disc from being locked in to specific platers, regions or formats. It supports playback commercial Blu-ray and homemade Blu-ray discs regardless of protection and restrictions armed on the disc. In a word, it is a professional player for latest Blu-ray Disc, BD ISO, BD Folders and BDMV files.

It also enables users to play all popular videos or movies on PC, including the 4K video, 1080p HD video and SD videos in MP4, WMV, AVI, AVC, MTS, MKV, MXF, AVCHD, MPEG, etc. format. Briefly, it is not only a Blu-ray player software for PC but also powerful enough to play all your video or audio files.

How to Play Blu-ray Disc with UFUSoft Blu-ray Player?

Step 1 Download Blu-ray Player Software and install it.

Step 2 Run the application, and you can see such interface below.

Step 3 Insert the disc, the Player will automatically load the disc information and play the video. You can also click “Open Disc…” to play the disc manually.

Blu-ray Player for Windows 10

Cons: It’s not free

No 2. VLC Media Player (PC/Mac)

VLC Media Player is the most common and popular media player. But you can also count it as one of the best free Blu-ray player if you use VLC 2.0 or the later version. With VLC Media Player, you can play an unprotected Blu-ray disc or steam Blu-ray ISO files on computer.

How to Play Blu-ray Disc with VLC?

You just need to open VLC player on your Windows or Mac PC and go to “Media”> “Open Disc” > “Blu-ray”. Then it will automatically detect a Blu-ray disc or a Blu-ray ISO file and play it.


Steps are a little complex.

Don’t support some commercial Blu-ray disc.

No 3. PotPlayer (PC/Mac)

PotPlayer is developed by the same developer of KMPlayer. It’s a totally free software which can play Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray ISO, DVD, CD, and audio & video files on PC. It doesn’t have too many functions. But if you’re looking for a simple, lightweight Blu-ray player, it can’t be beat.

How to Play Blu-ray Discs with PotPlayer

You just have to right click, then go to “Open” > “Open Blu-ray” option to play video on Blu-ray disc automatically.


Can’t play the decrypted Blu-ray

No 4. Media Player Classic – Home Classic (PC)

Media Player Classic – Home Classic is a free and native Blu-ray Player for PC. It supports various common and rare media file formats including DVD to help you enjoy your entertainment.

How to Play Blu-ray Disc with MPC-HC?

On its File Menu, you can find an “Open Disc” option which allows you to select and play Blu-ray disc or Blu-ray ISO image file.


Don’t support the protected Blu-ray disc.

No 5. SMPlayer

SMPlayer is another free Blu-ray disc player, which lets you watch movie from a Blu-ray disc. You can get the options to add subtitle files, control volume, jump backward or forward while watching any video.

How to Play Blu-ray Disc with SMPlayer?

To play a Blu-ray disc on SMPlayer, you just need to click “Open” > “Disc” > “Blu-ray from Drive” to load the Blu-ray movie from your external Blu-ray drive.


It can’t play the commercial Blu-ray disc with DRM protection

Hope it helps.