MP4 to Blu ray Burner-How to Burn .mp4 to Blu ray Disc/Folder/ISO?

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“I have collected a large library of movies in MP4 format. Is there a program that could burn all of my movies to Blu-ray disc for watching on home theater system?”

“Just a quick question, Can i burn .avi/mp4/mkv etc to blu ray media and play it in a blu ray player like if i were doing the same with dvd?”

“I have an LG Blu Ray burner model WH14NS40. I knew ahead of time it comes without software. I have tried getting several different programs to burn these files to a Blu Ray disc, but either they fail or the trials are junk. Can you recommend a good (free or paid) program to create blu ray discs?”

There are many users talking about the way to burn MP4 files to Blu-ray disc, but most of them don’t know the best way to burn MP4 files to Blu-ray disc, or don’t know the software and tools they need. Here we will share the best way to burn MP4 to Blu-ray disc with you. First, in order to burn MP4 to Blu-ray disc, you will need a Blu-ray drive, which can read your blank Blu-ray disc; second, you also need a MP4 to Blu-ray disc creator/burner software, with which you can edit the videos and then burn to blank Blu-ray disc.

Best MP4 to Blu-ray Creator/Burner

We want to introduce the best MP4 to Blu-ray burning software for you, it is UFUSoft Blu-ray Creator, this is the best MP4 to Blu-ray disc burner, with it you can make your own Blu-ray disc out from your own video, it will help you to burn MP4 and other videos to Blu-ray disc with few clicks, what’s more it can also burn your video files to Blu-ray folder or Blu-ray ISO image file. It also has powerful customization feature, you are provided with options of audio tracks and subtitles. For example, you can add subtitles you like, or add audio files to use as background music, besides you can edit MP4 videos before you burn them to Blu-ray disc, such as crop unwanted video clips, adjust effect to the videos, or use features like watermark.

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How to Burn MP4 Videos to Blu-ray Disc/ISO File/Folder

Step 1: Add MP4 Files

Connect the Blu-ray drive to your computer. Insert a blank Blu-ray disc to the BD drive. Run UFUSoft MP4 to Blu-ray Creator on your PC. Click Add Files to load MP4 video file(s) for burning.

MP4 to Blu-ray Burner/Creator

Step 2: Edit Effects
Check the video file and click “Audio Track” or “Subtitle”. Choose your preferred audio track and subtitle. Or you can directly choose in the main interface. Click the left or right arrow to choose your favorite menu subject.

Edit Effects

Step 3: Start burn MP4 files to Blu-ray disc

Click the “Convert” button to burn MP4 to Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO file directly.