How to Edit Ikegami GFCam MXF to Final Cut Pro X/7/6 on Mac?

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Description: If you want to import and edit MXF footage from Ikegmai GFCam HDS-V10 or Ikegmai HDN-X10 in Final Cut Pro X/7/6 with perfect audio/video sync, you need get the best Mac Ikegmai GFCam MXF to FCP Converter here to complete the Ikegmai GFCam mxf to FCP compatible Prores codec!

I am currently working on an Avid NitrisDX at a new position after working with FCP primarily for the past few years. Despite the high cost of the brand new Avid system, low and behold, it doesn”t function very well and seems have to provid a new fatal error message at least one a day for no apparent reason… Anyways this has led to contemplation of switching over to Apple and FCP, but I am curious to know if anyone has worked with video imported via GF Pak from an Ikegmai GFCam HDS-V10 in FCP? We just purchased new HD cameras and if the Ikegami format isn”t compatabile with FCP, I won”t waste my time on a crusade to go Apple. Thanks for the help.

Ikegami offers camcorders like Ikegmai GFCam HDS-V10 or Ikegmai HDN-X10 capable of recording in MXF wrapper using Avid DNxHD video encoding at 145 Mbit/s, as well as MPEG-2 video encoding at 50 Mbit/s 4:2:2 long-GOP and 100 Mbit/s I-frame. Many Ikegami GFCam users have the problem to import Ikegami GFCam MXF to Final Cut Pro X/7/6 for editing, but you may have known that MXF format is not supported by FCP, to edit Ikegami GFCam video in Final Cut Pro X smoothly, the best way is to convert Ikegami HDS-V10/HDN-X10 MXF video to Apple ProRes codec, because Apple ProRes is best supported video codec for Final Cut Pro X/7/6, with this codec we can edit videos natively in FCP.

Our UFUSoft MXF Converter for Mac is top Ikegami GFCam MXF converter, it will convert Ikegami HDS-V10/HDN-X10 to Final Cut Pro X/7/6 prores codec with best video and audio quality, besides, it will convert your videos to any formats you need, such as AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, M4V, FLV, etc. Now you can free download this MXF to Final Cut Pro converter, and follow the easy steps below to convert Ikegmai GFCam HDS-V10 or Ikegmai HDN-X10 MXF to Apple ProRes codec for FCP X/7/6.

1. Download and install UFUSoft MXF Converter for Mac on your computer, it is top Ikegmai GFCam Video converter, it will help you to convert Ikegami HDS-V10/HDN-X10 recorded videos to any formats you need.

Free Download UFUSoft Video Converter for MacFree Download UFUSoft Video Converter

2. Launch this software, and then import your Ikegami HDS-V10/HDN-X10 recordings to the program. \r\n\r\n3. Click format bar to choose output format that will be use in FCP X/7/6, you are recommended to choose Apple ProRes 422 codec MOV format, it’s native codec for FCP editing. This software has many optimized formats for editing software and portable devices, just choose the format you need.

4. You can click settings button to customize the output parameters before you convert Ikegami GFCam MXF to Final Cut Pro X, adjust the resolution, bitrate and others according to your need, it’s OK to keep the parameters as default.\r\n\r\n5. Click convert button to start the conversion.

With this excellent Ikegami GFCam HDS-V10/HDN-X10 MXF video converter, you can easily transcode MXF to Apple ProRes codec for editing with Final Cut Pro X/7/6, now you can take a free try, it will be a good assistant for your MXF videos.