BDMV Player Mac-How to Play Blu ray Folder BDMV on Mac OS X?

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BDMV refers to Blu-ray Disc Movie Information File, which is one format of BD-ROM, one of the Blu-ray disc specifications. BDMV is created by using a valid BDMV video folder. It contains the information about the video and audio contents of the Blu-ray disc and is located at the root level of the disc.

“Somebody told me that the blu-ray disc contains a blu-ray folder, but when I insert the blu-ray disc into the drive, my Mac Blu-ray Player automatically play the disc. What also puzzles me is that when I open the BDMV folder on my MacBook, I can’t play it, and the player just open some files.”

If you want to play BDMV folders on Mac OS X, you should keep a few things in mind to avoid any problem in playing them. First, BDMV is not the Blu-ray first-level directory, that is to say, if you want to play a Blu-ray movie on Mac like on an electronic Blu-ray player, you will need to select the Blu-ray folder as a whole, instead of any stream file.

Second, Blu-ray is a patented technology with copyrighted protection, so is a BDMV folder. You will need authorized media player with appropriate license to play this format. Most regular media players are not capable to play such high quality videos and formats with layers of Blu-ray protection.

UFUSoft Mac Blu-ray Player is a piece of professional Blu-ray player software for Mac officially authorized by BDA(Blu-ray Disc Association). It support all Blu-ray forms, such as disc, folder and ISO files, and delivers high-quality picture and sound. Free download UFUSoft Mac Blu-ray Player and try below ways to play your BDMV folder on Mac OS X.

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Three Best Ways to Play BDMV Folder On Mac OS X

Option 1 Drag the whole folder to Mac Blu-ray player software interface or screen. Then you will see the navigation panel. You can click play movie option to play the movie on Mac OS X directly, or select a chapter or title to play.

Option 2 Open Blu-ray Folder on Mac directly.

If you want to play a BDMV folder movie on Mac OS X, please pay attention to not selecting any BDMV OR stream file. Or you will just get a video with one audio without Blu-ray navigation panel and subtitle. UFUSoft Mac Blu-ray Player software can help user play a Blu-ray folder as a disc file on Mac OS X.

Open UFUSoft Mac Blu-ray Player and select Open Disc.

play blu-ray iso files on mac

When Open Disc box pops up, select Open Folder and choose the Blu-ray first-level directory instead of BDMV or CERTIFICATE.

Then you will see the navigation panel. You can click play movie option to play the movie on Mac OS X directly, or select a chapter or title to play.

play local video files

Option 3 Play one m2ts file instead of the Blu-ray folder on Mac.

If you don’t have Mac Blu-ray player software, and just want to see the video, you can use regular media player like VLC to play a m2ts file on Mac. Open BDMV/STREAM, you can see lots of m2ts files. Some players will need an appropriate codec, component or plugin installed.

There are too many m2ts files in a BDMV folder. It will not be easy to select a proper file. We suggest you play the whole Blu-ray folder with Mac Blu-ray Player software. If you want to play BDMV folder on PC, please refer to: How to Play BDMV Folder on PC.